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People oriented, they like teamwork and involve people to accomplish their goals.


Their focus is on doing what they know to be right. Usually careful and precise, they hate to make mistakes.

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"Sometimes you're so close to perfection, or you're so close to being able to accomplish your goals, and there's just this little piece and it's communication... you've got to make sure that that's good."   
                                                            ~ Rick Hendrick


Management By Strengths (MBS) is a program designed to help companies increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and employee morale.

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The focus is on results, being in control and solving problems.

  • DVD Training
  • In house Management By Strengths Classes

                  - Fundamental                   - Advanced

                  - Sales

  • MBS Trainer Certification
  • Retreats
  • Executive Overviews

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The MBS On-line Profile Viewer was developed to help employees continue to practice and develop their relationship skills that they learned in the Management By Strengths course.

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Steady and easygoing, they appear calm, cool and controlled under pressure.